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Artistic Biography



Born in Sansepolcro (AR) in 1984, from an early age he entered the world of music through the study of the violin, piano, trumpet and trombone. At the age of 16 he found his instrument, the guitar. In 2007, he obtained a professional guitar diploma with 30 cum laude at the Lizard Music Academy in Fiesole, with the teacher Davide Baccanelli. He then deepened his musical studies in jazz with Samuele Martinelli and at the association Siena Jazz. He studied finger style acoustic guitar at the Centro Studi Fingerstyle in Arezzo. He took part in the "Berklee Summer School" organized for Umbria Jazz with Boston teachers Jon Damian and Scott Free and in various modern guitar seminars, with world-famous musicians such as Greg Howe, Carl Verhayen, Scott Henderson, Andy Timmons, Dave Hill, Guthrie Govan , Paul Gilbert, Massimo Moriconi, Pat Martino, Frank Gambale, Umberto Fiorentino, Fabio Zeppetella…

He has been teaching guitar for over fifteen years in the most prestigious music schools in the province of Arezzo with a parenthesis in the city of Padua in the PadovaMusica school. He is currently the modern guitar teacher at the Centro Studi Musicali della Valtiberina di Sansepolcro (AR).

His training has matured and also developed in the educational and therapeutic field in the face of the following qualification certificates: "Socioeducational Animation Technician", "three-year certificate in Music Therapy" in accordance with the CEPAS SH241 form, "qualification course for the exercise of the profession of Professional Socio-Pedagogical Educator ".


He collaborated with nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Larry Ray (Drifetrs, Platters, Jastofunk), Bernardo Lanzetti (PFM, Acqua Fragile), Il Cile, Stragà, Olga Buzova, ... He participated as a musician in national ("Wedding Planner" conducted by Enzo Miccio) and international television programs (Russian Reality Show “Married to Buzov”, accompanying  the Russian celebrity Olga Buzova) and performed for the Prince of Brunei, for the Prince of Kuwait, Ronald Regan JR, ...


For many years he has been endorser of the beautiful lutherie guitars by Buttering Guitars.




He learned the first rudiments of the pictorial art with Annamaria Veccia and  subsequently moved on Riccardo Antonelli’s course.

He then deepened the study of portrait with OndaCreativa’s courses in Padua. 

Since 2021 he has been actively collaborating with Valentina Marongiu's ArteArte gallery.

He has exhibited his paintings in various national Collective Exhibitions including: "Fighille Arte 2017" (Fighille, PG), "Contemporanea" (Città di Castello, PG), "Ready or Not" (Arezzo), "Tabacchi e Tabacchine" (San Giustino, PG), "Collective of Various Art 2017" (Sansepolcro, AR), "Poesipiture" (Città di Castello, PG), "Water and Fire" (Città di Castello, PG), Fighille Arte 2018 (with Special Mention from the Critics), "Collective of Various Art 2018" (Sansepolcro, AR), "Santucce Storm Festival" 2018 and 2019 (Castiglion Fiorentino, AR), "Biennial of Contemporary Art Ciao Umbria" 2019 Città di Castello, PG (with Special Critics Award), “Festival dell'Immagine” 2019 (Martina Franca, TA), Fighille Arte 2019 (winner "Pennello d'Oro"), ...


He has exhibited his paintings in SOLO EXHIBITIONS including: "Landscapes" at the restaurant "Da Grigino" (Sansepolcro, AR) 2017, "Personal exhibition" at the Novamusica Music School (Sansepolcro, AR) 2018, "Colori" at the bar pizzeria "La Piazza" (Sansepolcro, AR) 2018, "Monocromo" at K Cafè (Sansepolcro, AR) 2019, "Monochronic" at Palazzo Pretorio (Sansepolcro, AR) 2019, "Paesologia" at The Daily Taste (Sansepolcro, AR) 2020 , "Mother nature's son" (Stia, AR) curated by Marco Botti 2020, "The sea seen from the moon" at the S.Croce museum (Umbertide, PG) 2020 curated by the Coop. Sistema Museo and at Palazzo Pretorio (Sansepolcro, AR) 2020 curated by Michele Foni, Monochrono at the ArteArte gallery in Ostiglia (MN) 2021 curated by Valentina Marongiu, "PerformArt" 2021 at Settore 20 (Castiglion Fiorentino, AR),"Fairy Tales" 2022 at Wellbeing (Padova), at Sala Degli Ammassi of Citerna (PG) and at Palazzo Pretorio (Sansepolcro, AR) 2023 curated by Michele Foni, "Frequenze" 2023 at Palazzo Facchinetti curated by éntheos (Città di Castello, PG).

In 2023 he opens his own Artistic Laboratory with a permanent exhibition in Sansepolcro (AR) in Via XX Settembre.

His works are published in the catalog of the Biennale di Città di Castello 2018, in the catalog of the Biennale di Melisciano # SEGNO # SOGNO # SYMBOL of 2019, in the catalogs of the national Fighille Arte competition 2019 and 2023, in the MAAV 2021 art yearbook by the ArteArte gallery as well as in newspaper articles from various newspapers such as "PrimpPianoNotizie", "La Nazione", "La Voce di Mantova", "Il Corriere d'Arezzo", ....

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